[HELP] I it’s got a 3 mo old husky mix. I have a full time work and am wondering if it’s worth crate training him. Thoughts? via /r/dogs

[HELP] I it’s got a 3 mo old husky mix. I have a full time work and am wondering if it’s worth crate training him. Thoughts?

He isn’t potty trained yet and I wonder if it’s okay to leave him in the house roaming about. He’s a younger rescue dog.

ALSO, should I put a bark collar on him? I think he has Pomeranian gene too.

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[HELP] [discussion] I’m considering a move and need some input on the potential living arrangements for my dog. via /r/dogs

[HELP] [discussion] I’m considering a move and need some input on the potential living arrangements for my dog.

Warning: loooooong post

I’m 23(f) and have a male 2.5 year old Australian Cattle Dog mix who I’ve had for a year and a half. I got him from a rescue organization in Utah who in turn pulled him from an overworked kennel in New Mexico so we don’t know a ton about his past before me. He’s my best friend and keeps me out of depressive hazes and is trained to help me with anxiety attacks. He’s also my first dog. I’m considering a move but I want to be sure that it would be an good fit for my good boy. So I’m going to give the details on our current living situation and the potential new one and would love your thoughts and comments.

About my dog: I think he has generally less energy than his breed fellows or even other herding dogs. He’s a pretty chill, snuggly couch potato most of the time, but loves his twice daily jogs and we go to the off leash dog park about once a week. We’ve done several training classes together because it’s kinda fun and because I never want to be THAT person with an ill mannered dog. He’s super willing to please and takes to the training very, very well. He is kennel trained. I’ve found he does get a bit wound up or anxious if he’s totally free roam while I’m at work so I kennel him once every two days and he’s seems much better for it. He loves his kennel and goes in there on his own often. He’s spoiled with the best food and tons of toys and he’s allowed on the furniture. He is rather protective of me and will bark when someone comes to the door, but I’ve trained him to quiet down quickly when I tell him to. He does not like men in his space. He pretty much only trusts my brother who comes over a lot but whenever I have other guy friends over my dog growls at them at first then will only accept pets very cautiously; he’ll go to his kennel or his “place” when he’s uncomfortable as those are his safe spaces and I don’t let people touch or interact with him when he puts himself there. Interestingly, he doesn’t bark or growl at people (even men) or dogs when we are out walking or at the park – he pretty much keeps to himself but if another dogs wants to play or a person approaches he is very friendly. It’s just at home that he gets shy and territorial.

Current situation: I’m living in a townhouse by myself for $635 a month (owned by my parents – relevant). I’m moved there right after I got my bachelors degree and just before getting my dog. Basically I move there SO I could get my dog. There are three levels – basement with bedroom & bathroom; main floor with living room, kitchen, laundry, bathroom; top floor with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a loft area. There is a shared backyard and a patch of grass in front by the driveway – HOA has strict leash rules. My dog is not allowed in the basement because we sometimes have a renter down there, but he has free roam of the main floor and my room upstairs most of the time. I ended up getting a job back in the college town I used to live in and where I live now is 45 minutes from where I work. So on average my dog is alone for 9.5-10hrs a day. I have a neighbor who lets him out to use the bathroom if I’m going to be late at work.

Potential new place: Townhouse with the exact same layout and yard situation, but back in the college town. Rent for me would be $425/month and I would have the basement bed/bath to myself. I would have four roommates in the bedrooms upstairs – all girls still going to school. One of the roommates is my cousin and the others are her friends and I trust her taste so I’m sure we’ll all get along. My cousin is the one who reached out to offer me the spot. They are all okay with my dog and the landlord is making an allowance for me as my dog has letters from two of my doctors and our trainer supporting that he is a well trained ESA. It is basically 3 minutes from where I work.

Pros: It would be cheaper, it’s MUCH closer to work, it would allow me to move out of the place my parents own which would be really good for my mental health as we don’t have the best relationship right now and they’ve been manipulating the fact that they “let” me live there (never mind that I DO pay rent to them).

Cons: My potential roommates want me to keep my dog totally restricted to the basement, they don’t want him in the common living space on the main floor.

I’m thinking that I want to move to this new place for the pros listed above. As for the con of keeping my dog restricted to a much smaller space I’m thinking it will be okay for the following reasons: I will still keep up our twice daily jogs and there is another dog park pretty close to us that we could go to. Since it is so close to my work and I have a full hour lunch break, I could go home midday everyday for lunch and my dog and I could do a quick walk then as well. So he would not be alone for nearly as long as he is now. Also I’m hopeful that once my roommates meet him and see how good he is and hear more about how he helps me, maybe they will be okay with him in the common areas with more reasonable restrictions – like maybe he won’t be allowed on the furniture and will have to stay in my room when I’m at work and will never be allowed upstairs to their rooms, but otherwise he can just be with me anywhere in the house that I am.

Am I being unreasonable and rationalizing the situation? Would it be totally mean to keep my dog stuck in my room most of the time? Or do you think he will be okay given how often we go outside and given that I’d have more time with him at home?

I would really appreciate your thoughts. Thank you!

Edited to add that the contract won’t start until January and the landlord doesn’t need a firm commitment until November, so I have lots of time to decide.

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[HELP] Dog is sick and we suspect she ate neighbor’s pot. Anyone have experience with a neighbor’s behavior making their dog sick? via /r/dogs

[HELP] Dog is sick and we suspect she ate neighbor’s pot. Anyone have experience with a neighbor’s behavior making their dog sick?

I’m just seeing if anyone has had a similar experience and can give guidance.

I have a 2 year old spaniel mix. She was fine this morning at 8am, and by 11am was lethargic, swaying, and didn’t meet me at the door. Took her to the vet and they suspect marijuana toxicity. My roommate reported when he took her out this morning she did try to eat what he thought was a candy wrapper and now suspects was a joint. We just had some new neighbors move in and just last night smelled pot by their place. This wrapper was on the sidewalk in front of their place. She will have to have supportive care the rest of today, and may need to stay overnight at the emergency vet, as she has an extremely low body temp and erratic heartbeat.

This is a very dog friendly complex and I’m unsure of next steps. Should I talk to the neighbors and see if they will pay for her medical bills? Should I tell the complex? Regardless this has to be addressed as a lot of dogs that live there could get very sick from this if they don’t dispose of their pot properly.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with a neighbor causing a dog’s illness?

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[help] my dog shakds/trembles a lot while lying down via /r/dogs

[help] my dog shakds/trembles a lot while lying down

I have a wire hair fox terrier and she is 5 years old, I've had her since she was a puppy. I've always noticed she shakes quite a lot mostly her back legs but it makes all of her a bit trembley while she's lying down. It's almost like she's vibrating. She never seems in any pain, she will go from this to running around and jumping without a care in the world. Does anyone know if this could be more of a behavioural thing or could it be something that bothers her when she lies down?

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[Help] training 14 week old rescue pup via /r/dogs

[Help] training 14 week old rescue pup

So I adopted a rescue puppy from a nonprofit rescue organization 2 weeks ago.

He was very timid and scared before he was even adopted and he still is. He has made a bit of progress, but he seems to be more reluctant around men, and is still mostly very scared.

How can I get him to open up more and get over his social anxiety? I want him to be more friendly and playful to everyone. He’s not aggressive at all, just shy.

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[Help] Resident dog having issues after introducing new dog. via /r/dogs

[Help] Resident dog having issues after introducing new dog.

I currently own a corgi who is 3 years old and just recently got a puppy and introduced them. Overall the introduction went pretty well as far as I could tell, and they play with each other every day as if they had always been friends. However, recently my corgi has started acting up a bit in really strange ways and I'm not entirely sure how to fix/handle whatever the issue might be. She has started urinating on pretty much everything (bed, couch, ect). She has also started to attempt to steal food/treats from the younger dog aggressively. Thankfully no biting, just lots of barking. She has also been very stubborn with her food, and will just not eat until I mix in what the puppy is getting into her food. The little dog isn't acting aggressive in anyway and more often than not will just go lay on her pillow.

I've tried asking several friends on how to deal with the situation but everyone seems to have a different opinion on the matter. One says stick her nose in it, another says only reinforce good behavior, and another says I need to be giving far more attention to the older dog. At this point I'm not really sure which advice to take. We've never had this issue with her before. She's always been happy and very receptive to training, never really causing any issue.

I would really appreciate some help identifying what could be going wrong here, as well as coming up with possible solutions. I'm ultimately keen to any advice that I might receive. I don't exactly have a ton of experience raising dogs, but I'm trying my best here.

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