[help] my dog shakds/trembles a lot while lying down via /r/dogs

[help] my dog shakds/trembles a lot while lying down

I have a wire hair fox terrier and she is 5 years old, I've had her since she was a puppy. I've always noticed she shakes quite a lot mostly her back legs but it makes all of her a bit trembley while she's lying down. It's almost like she's vibrating. She never seems in any pain, she will go from this to running around and jumping without a care in the world. Does anyone know if this could be more of a behavioural thing or could it be something that bothers her when she lies down?

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[Help] training 14 week old rescue pup via /r/dogs

[Help] training 14 week old rescue pup

So I adopted a rescue puppy from a nonprofit rescue organization 2 weeks ago.

He was very timid and scared before he was even adopted and he still is. He has made a bit of progress, but he seems to be more reluctant around men, and is still mostly very scared.

How can I get him to open up more and get over his social anxiety? I want him to be more friendly and playful to everyone. He’s not aggressive at all, just shy.

Submitted September 20, 2018 at 02:36PM by iTooNumb
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[Help] Resident dog having issues after introducing new dog. via /r/dogs

[Help] Resident dog having issues after introducing new dog.

I currently own a corgi who is 3 years old and just recently got a puppy and introduced them. Overall the introduction went pretty well as far as I could tell, and they play with each other every day as if they had always been friends. However, recently my corgi has started acting up a bit in really strange ways and I'm not entirely sure how to fix/handle whatever the issue might be. She has started urinating on pretty much everything (bed, couch, ect). She has also started to attempt to steal food/treats from the younger dog aggressively. Thankfully no biting, just lots of barking. She has also been very stubborn with her food, and will just not eat until I mix in what the puppy is getting into her food. The little dog isn't acting aggressive in anyway and more often than not will just go lay on her pillow.

I've tried asking several friends on how to deal with the situation but everyone seems to have a different opinion on the matter. One says stick her nose in it, another says only reinforce good behavior, and another says I need to be giving far more attention to the older dog. At this point I'm not really sure which advice to take. We've never had this issue with her before. She's always been happy and very receptive to training, never really causing any issue.

I would really appreciate some help identifying what could be going wrong here, as well as coming up with possible solutions. I'm ultimately keen to any advice that I might receive. I don't exactly have a ton of experience raising dogs, but I'm trying my best here.

Submitted September 20, 2018 at 02:42PM by ACorgiScholar
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[help] brother’s dog’s behavior has worsened. via /r/dogs

[help] brother’s dog’s behavior has worsened.

My brother and his wife adopted a little chihuahua thing a couple of years ago. He is a really great dog, super sweet and cute! He has some issues regarding aggressiveness towards other dogs that we’ve never been able to work him through, but easy enough for him to avoid dogs by not taking him out. He socializes with my dog, who he adores. Anyway, my brother and sil are expecting their first child in a few months. Ever since my sil got pregnant, their dog has been acting different. He no longer comes when called, prefers to be by himself if alone with SIL, but is also super protective of her when around other people. Will this resolve itself when the baby comes? He seems to be ok with babies and little children, although nervous of them at first, so we aren’t really worried about him being around the baby. It’s just how he’s been acting that’s worrisome. Yesterday, my sil was off work and instead of spending time with her, their dog spent the entire day in his kennel upstairs. Even when she gave him a treat he took it and ran straight back to his kennel. I’ve never experienced a dog with pregnancy before so am at a loss on how to explain his behavior.

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[Fluff] Losing my girls has made me love my furkids even more via /r/dogs

[Fluff] Losing my girls has made me love my furkids even more

So background is in 2014 I was at work and I had a house fire. I had 3 miniature doxies and no one caught the fire in time and I lost them. This happened and my heart hurt so incredibly much. Nothing will replace my girls. We adopted a standard doxie, Poppy and this dog has been my therapy dog through so much. She helps my boyfriend too as he has his own demons he struggles with. I've never had a dog like her and I never will again. We had her for about 4 years and recently we've adopted another dog, a corgi-chihuahua mix Lily. I was a little worried because Poppy has been our whole world and its just like it is when you have a second child. You worry that you won't have enough room in your heart for both but its incredible how much I love them both. I've had dogs in the past and loved them fully but I think losing my doxie girls changed my heart and now I feel so much love in my heart for them its absolutely amazing.

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I’m having a hard time introducing my new dog to my cat. Advice? via /r/Pets

I’m having a hard time introducing my new dog to my cat. Advice?

My cat, Deanna, is 7 and I adopted her at 4 months old. She is indoor only, eats a really great diet, and is extremely healthy. She's very smart and playful, but she's a bit fearful and anxious. She's made a lot of progress over the years, going from hiding in the closet when guests come over to greeting them and asking for pets within seconds of them coming in. She is leash-trained but cannot handle walking outside and shuts down in fear at the vet.

2 weeks ago I adopted an 11 year-old chiweenie named Sunny. She's very sweet and lovable.

I did everything by the books for a little over a week. My cat was kept separate from the dog in the bedroom and I did a lot of scent and site swapping, feeding them both at the bedroom door, and making sure everyone got lots of love and attention.

My cat was totally non-reactive to the smells and sounds of the dog and was completely relaxed with no signs of stress so we decided to do a face to face with the dog on her harness.

Sunny did really well with learning that she gets treats if she ignored Deanna and Deanna showed cautious interest. We let her approach Sunny at her own pace and it was going great until she got maybe 2 feet from the dog and proceeded to hiss and run. We did another session the following day and it went about the same, but Deanna was a little more aggressive.

Ever since then, Deanna becomes extremely agitated when the dog makes noise or comes close to the door. Hissing, growling, and trying to swat Sunny under the door. We decided to try a face to face with Sunny in her crate, thinking Deanna would be more comfortable with the dog confined. That was a terrible idea. She came up to the crate, gave a sniff, and freaked the fuck out. Yowls, hisses, swatting at the crate door. Obviously, Sunny reached her limit with it, got scared, and growled and barked briefly.

We switched their "base camps" (Sunny in the bedroom, Deanna reigning free everywhere else) and Deanna seems a little more relaxed having her apartment back. However, she clearly wants to murder this demon in her house. We have to lead her away from the bedroom door every time we open it, shut her in the bathroom when Sunny is taken outside, and if Sunny makes any noise Deanna becomes agitated and will even growl at my boyfriend and I or even bat at our legs (claws covered) We never punish her for her behavior, we always redirect her focus and give her reassurance that she is safe and loved.

As long as Sunny is calm and out of sight, Deanna is completely relaxed and lounging around and doing cuddles like nothing is amiss.

It sucks because Deanna is incredibly sweet and has the potential to do well with another animal, but I worry that despite my best efforts I screwed this whole thing up and she'll always hate the dog.

I've fallen in love with Sunny and I am desperate for this to work. My boyfriend and I agreed that if it isn't working, we will ask the shelter to find her a new home. It would be cruel to force my cat to live in a situation where she feels threatened and she is the love of my life. Her health and comfort takes priority.

Sorry for the novel everyone!

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