[help]Having to bring my dog everywhere and it’s getting really annoying via /r/dogs

[help]Having to bring my dog everywhere and it’s getting really annoying

So my dog(toy poodle) cannot be left alone at home or she'll start barking. And for example whenever my parents send me to school, they always have to bring her in the car because she cannot be left at home or she'll wake up the neighbours in the morning barking and crying. I've never heard of anyone having to bring their dog everywhere because of how noisy they are, I don't even know how my friends with dogs are able to keep them so quiet at home. And honestly, its getting really annoying. Anyone else with the same issue and how you guys get around it??

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[Fluff] I find it amusing when people with dogs like labs or goldens say: ‘Your dog looks exactly the same as mine!’. via /r/dogs

[Fluff] I find it amusing when people with dogs like labs or goldens say: ‘Your dog looks exactly the same as mine!’.

I think it's pretty cute. I see this all the time on dog posts on reddit.

It just makes me laugh though. Labs of the same colour all look the same 😛

Yes, there are differences more so that an owner can spot, but they are supposed to be bred to specification and look the same 😛

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[discussion] My Mexican Street Dog via /r/dogs

[discussion] My Mexican Street Dog

The RV park consists of a large population of retired expats from Arizona.

It is an island of mostly white, non-Spanish speakers that cluster together to dine, play games, go on outings, and sometimes gossip.  If something happens in the park, everyone will know about it before the day is up.

One day after returning from a walk on the beach with my dogs, there was talk of a puppy in the RV park.

As the story unfolded, I learned that there were complaints from the residents about some guard dogs the RV park had on site. There was a stray dog with a litter of puppies hanging around. And the dogs barked all night long.

The RV park managers caught the female dog and her litter, I’m not sure what happened to them. But I heard the guard dogs were taken out and shot.

The only problem was this one feral puppy no one could catch. She became the topic of the week and acquired the nickname Rocky.

The day after I heard about all of this, I saw her.

She was small, about the size of my dog, Taylor. But she was skittish and fast, you could see in her eyes how scared and broken she was.

It was hard to look at her, not because she was fast, but because she was horrifyingly thin. It was obvious that she was starving.

Out of pity, I joined everyone else in the RV park and tried to feed her.  People tried to give Rocky food from their hands, thinking it would be easy to grab her when she came over to get the food. But she never came close enough to be fed or caught.

I put out a bowl of food for her on the patio of the vacant trailer next door.  I put it there because I didn’t want her to get attached to me and my dogs. I already had two dogs and I didn’t need a third.

The only food I had was for my older dogs, not quite what a growing puppy needed, but better than nothing.

Every morning, the bowl was empty.  My reward for feeding Rocky was a shoe delivered to my door in the dark of night.  Not my shoes, but shoes left out by other people on their patios before they entered their trailers.

I hung the stolen shoes out over the fence so they could be reclaimed. People stopped by to chat about Rocky and with a laugh collect their missing shoes. It was through the shoe conversations that I learned how much everyone was invested in Rocky and hopeful someone would catch her and keep her.

Rocky started following me during my morning walks with Sam and Taylor.  I could hear her little feet pattering behind and feel her sharp teeth nip at my heals. They were razor sharp and left my heels bloodied after every encounter.

If you want to read more of this story about the dog I rescued, please click the link.

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[Help] How should I punish/discipline my Chihuahua when he snaps at me? via /r/dogs

[Help] How should I punish/discipline my Chihuahua when he snaps at me?

He was fine just now in my arms, I picked him up, took him outside, he did his thing, we went back in, I picked him up, set him down on the couch and he instantly just started snapping at me and being vicious. This happens every once in a while. He is definitely a possessive biter, if I try to take food away from him he will put his ears down and 'show his fangs' while covering the item in question. He is 8 years old and we just recently adopted him from a family friend who has dementia and required to be put in a care home. I just need to know, how do I punish him? Do I yell at him, say no, or what? I have no idea. My mom flicks him on the head when he does it. He sometimes also gets very vicious when I try to pet him after he wakes up. I thought that was fairly reasonable, so I just give him that one and don't pet him when he's sleeping, but still.. I just need to know how to punish him reasonably. When he isn't doing something like this he is an absolutely sweetheart and what I legitimately consider to be the cutest chihuahua I have ever seen. He is the best cuddler ever and we love him, but this has got to stop.

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