Dr. Bronners with peppermint oil on a kitten via /r/Pets

Dr. Bronners with peppermint oil on a kitten

Hi there pet community.

I’m freaked out. I gave my kitten a bath (she’s not a pro self cleaner yet and she was really starting to smell) I used Dr Bronners on her not realizing peppermint oil is bad for cats (I’m such a bad mom) I diluted the hell out of it in the bath. ( a few drops in the bath tub, washed her and rinsed her and then rinsed her again when I realized it was bad). What do I do?! Is it super toxic? I’m not seeing a lot online 😩

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[Breeds] What do you guys think Jack is?

Hello everyone! I was hoping to get your opinion on what breed you think my dog, Jack, is. https://imgur.com/a/6OokXkw

Jack is about a year old, only weighs about 15 pounds. His previous owner didn't know what kind of dog he is, and the vet told us he is probably a terrier mix. I think he is too based on what I've read, but I wanna know what you guys think!

He is a very hyper active little guy. He loves to run around and play fetch. His most favorite thing to do is sit on the deck and bark at any rabbits and birds he sees in our yard. He is very sweet to us, but if he sees a stranger or another dog he'll start barking like crazy. His bark sometimes sounds like a howl mixed with a bark (if that makes sense). At night, he loves to curl under a pillow or blanket to keep himself covered.

That's all I can really think of to say about Jack!

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[Help] Friend’s Cane Corso puppy & toddler. via /r/dogs

[Help] Friend’s Cane Corso puppy & toddler.

My friends have a ginormous cane corse puppy. At the moment, she is as tall as my toddler. After reading Reddit for the last year, I have taken note of dog safety and warnings about dogs + kids.

I love my friends but this dog is huge, still a puppy and constantly pushes her face into my toddlers. I feel very uncomfortable when we're together because the dog has free reign of the house and yard, and you can't avoid interaction.

My toddler is also petrified of her because when the pup was half the size, she knocked him over while I was putting up their coats.

My friend who understand this breed says I'm over-reacting and his dog will never do anything. They also have a toddler who jumps on the dog, plays roughly with the dog.

What are the basics I should know as a parent when interacting with large breeds?

My son already knows the basics.

  1. Don't pet a dog without asking the owner first.
  2. Let the dog smell your hand first.
  3. Don't get eye level with the dog (obviously this is impossible when dog is as big as he is).

Thoughts? Or am I over-reacting?

Thank you!

We don't own any pets, so have no experience in this regard.


To be more clear.

Do I just relax and let the dog do his thing or take precautions to avoid eye contact (face/face)?

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[Breed] What Breed is my dog? via /r/dogs

[Breed] What Breed is my dog?

I recently adopted my dog, Sheldon. He is one year and 3 months old. Sheldon is a very active dog. I was curious about his Breed though. At the adoption shelter, the adoption papers said he was a border collie. However, if that is so he has to be mixed with another Breed. As you can see in the photo here, Sheldon has a bit of stripes/brindle pattern on his coat.

We took him to a trainer recently for training and we were told he looked like a Australian Shepherd Pitbull mix. I was wondering what you guys might thing since this is still an on-going debate trying to figure out which breed he might be.

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